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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  February 13, 2019 9:00am-12:00pm EST

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repurpose the square footage a it is hard to compete with a minute clinic with the urgent cares there are attached to hospitals. they provide more services. they got more technology there. so but the -- service thing might be interesting. >> all right bob great to see you emily thank you for being here. have a great day everybody. here's varney "varney & companyn stu. >> president trump will sign the border security deal, if he does, there will be no government shutdown. he was not happy, the the compromise not thrilled that's how he put it. conservativessed a mangtly against it so were border patrol meeting but in a meeting shelby urged president to accept the deal and expand on it later. we're trying to confirm reports that he has indeed accepted the compromise. the market going up in part on this no shutdown report and also on a report in the south china morning post that xi jinping will meet our top trade guys in
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beijing this week. that's taken as a positive on china trade. the dow is going to be up about 100 points and nasdaq is going to be up half a percentage point solid gains we're looking for them all around this morning and green new deal we're going to piengsd out just who is in favor of this radical environmental socialism. mitch mcconnell is going to force a vote on it in the senate. now, separately, california has canceled the bullet train boondoggle that cost too much and taken far too long to build it question, are green new dealers listening? they want a criss-cross nation with bullet trains so we can get rid of air travel. it has been a total failure in california. "varney & company" about to begin. ♪
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[laughter] every one of you -- king again. [laughter] great endorsement from our country, greatest -- >> the gentlemen just -- best in show. i love that. there you have it a wire fox terrier taking the crown at the westminster dog show. the 15th wire fox to win best in show by the way least from brazil. liz peek is with us. wait a minute liz peek is with me so here we have a canine immigrant came to this country legally with nothing but the fur on his back and he made good as an immigrant what do you say to that, liz? >> didn't have to burrow under a wall he just got here good for him everyone needs more kings right? >> we thought we would have fun. we surprised you with that one. you played it well i have to
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say. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> rocking and rolling. by the way, i have to tell you, king, the dog the brazilian and his handler will be on this show in this studio at 11:00 in the morning. king of the canine. beautiful. beautiful. >> i'm gaping to ask hand her what is it that makes king best in show. what are you looking for? to be best in show -- let's move on. >> what makes you -- [laughter] on your screens ladies and gentlemen, our national debt it just hit 22 trillion dollars. >> stop the laughter. [laughter] been there. that was fun. stop smiling lis should we be worried we're going up a trillion a year should we be worried? no because yiendz can handle debt at this level will you answer is we spend too much money this is not a question with of too little taxes democrats will say president trump cut taxes and so now we
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have a 22 trillion dollar deficit and trade to trade event trillion dollar deft that is not the the case. tax revenues went last year they'll go up this year. spending going up more and a at some point voters again, as they did after the recession are going to demand sol discipline but right now it shall spending beginning to go up 7% this year and we're not growing it is a ridiculous number. but everyone is just sort of basically size step this issue. >> but it is a debt bomb which never explodes. >> here's what it is going to be. explode until it does. >> that's right and it has become a real issue when interest rates really start marching higher in our country which inevitably will happen in wrong cycles but interest rates are two and a half percent when they get up to four or five percent this is single bigst line in our budget that is unacceptable so at that point as you say all of a sudden people go oh, my gosh let's get rid of the ear marks all of the things that are incredibly wasteful the
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problem is stuart no politician ever became popular or successful by cutting programs. that's not how it works . they get popular and successful by add aing programs and adding costs. >> you have to have the crisis, the explosion of the death bomb then maybe you do something not there yet. stay there please. stay there. got some individual stocks take a look at please. the act vision video game company they are cutting 8% of their work force they're reare structuring where are they doing ?a one word fort fortnite sweeping and act vision up 3% premarket. apple plans to create a subscription service for news that is going to be what's calling are a gator so news from other news outlets but running into resistance from major publishers over payment but apple premarket on upside. the price are of oil will bring you back briefly right now i think we're at 53 dollars per
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barrel news on the supply of oil at 10:30 eastern this morning that price may change then. let's get the pure politics, reportedly president trump will sign the wall funding deal even though he's not happy with it. let's show you how unhappy he was. roll tape. >> i'm not happy about it. it's not doing the trick. but i'm adding things to it and when you add whatever i have to add, it is all, it's all going to happen where we build a beautiful big strong, wall -- [laughter] >> like the the way you said it by the way senator ted cruz suggest using el chapo's money to finance the wall. there's what, 14 billion dollars out there. they're looking for it and senator cruz sayses when you find it use it to build a wall. congressman roger williams republican from texas with us right now. what do you make of senator cruz's funding idea? >> i think it is a good idea, i mean, if we can get 14 billion
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or whatever to build a wall we can certainly say mexico then built a wall, right? >> only got three or four billion that would be enough to make it up to 5 billion that president wants. >> no question with about it and if it is there and we can get it i totally support that. >> how do you feel about the compromise deal as it is being presented which reportedly, the the president will sign? >> well, with a lot seniors haven't seen it we've heard about it and so forth i want to read and see what's in it. i want to make sure when i vote for it it is voting for border security and not to open the government. i think there's two separate things there. so i want to see what's in it. but i want it to work nobody wants the government shutdown we've seen president trump take speaker pelosi from a dollar for a wall now to 1.3 billion almost 1.4 billion so take a look at it and see what's best for this country border security. >> would i be right in saying as it has been presented so far 1.3 billion for building wall as it has been presented president trump vase is supporters,
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conservatives, don't like it. >> well, you know i don't think they like in the fact that he was having for larger figure but also think and know that base realizes he has in good faith he's tried to -- make a deal. and so forth so i think the base is going to be fine what we come up with. but the big deal for me is voting for border security or open up the government? >> leaning towards saying yes? >> well, it is hard to say i haven't really seen it all right now. i want to make something happen like i said nobody wants government shutdown i'll take a look and make my mind up and vote accordingly. >> the president says yeah i'll sign it would you jump onboard at that point? inch support the president. i support what he's been doing and that would have a -- you know that would wave large in my decision largely. rng congressman thank you for joining us on this issue right up to the wire here but we appreciate you being here, sir. thank you very much. >> appreciate it. thank you. >> let's get back to your money another positive open for the
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stock market this morning. seems like stocks just want to go up. huge gain yesterday, probably a triple digit runup to dow this morning liz peek with us. do you get that feeling stock just want to go up? >> let's think about this biggest issue right now is that china trade talks and evidence is pretty positive. the fact that president xi is going to meet with our negotiators not even before meeting with president trump is very positive i think. because he's the guy that can make something happen in china in terms of the kind of structural challenge that they're looking for what happens if we get a deal on china earnings stills start to go up for an awful lot of companies so all of the companieses like ford and a caterpillar come out and said these tariffs are hurting us. our problem is you know we've got cost increases because of this. et cetera, and also businesses slow in china. all of those things begin to be reevaluated so i'm not surprised that the market is showing pretty good strength here. the fact that also president trump is talking about extending
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the deadline, that was huge i think. so you know, look everyone on the the left keeps saying we're not going to get a deal i think they're afraid we will get a deal and president trump can go to american people and say i did something important here. in facing down china's aggressive and negative trade practices, i saved workers problems and helped out our big company. >> after all of this negotiation we get the government open and we get some kind of border structure after all of this negotiation we get some kind of deal with china. that's two wins for president trump. >> that's true. got it. thank you very much indeed hold on ting you're coming back in a couple of minutes time. you are. thank you. check futures -- [laughter] all right we still going up about 90 odd points for the dow maybe 100, 31 points for nasdaq up across the board. now qeivetives, not happy with the border deal as it has been presented so far. but reports do say president is going to sign it anyway. what does herman cain think
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about that we'll find out because he's next. a man who employed 300,000 good guy hacksers, to help companies like airbnb or dpght of defense prevents hacks. what does he find all of those hackers? he's on the show so we'll ask him. and the story that sends internet on fire, that man, pete says he hasn't washed his hands in ten years, really well he's going to be on the set a little bit later in our second hour. i -- i'll keep my distance is -- coming up next hour. walking -- and every time we move, things change. apartments become houses, cars become mini vans. as we upgrade and downsize, an allstate agent will do the same for our protection. now that you know the truth, are you in good hands?
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groupon profit fell short look at it go down 10 polk% lower bee of that dish network lost more subscribers down it goes 4%. ford recalling what about one and a half billion f150 pickups because of a safety transmission issue. f-150 is best selling vehicle in america the the stock, though, up 3 cents but when ford goes up 3 cents shows you show beaten down it is. sinclair will launch a regional sports network featuring the chicago cubs and the the cubs yeah . next season you know we think about the cubs we think about wlac in chicago no longer. sinclair going to create a new sports network the marquee sports nec but, of course, air
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every cub's game during the the regular season. however, this is different because it has been over the air for people to watch for 70 years. now you have to pay to watch the cubs and they're going to have to find table and satellite providers that will take this network to show the cubs. it is interesting because we're in an era of cord cutting. so sinclair is biggest station owner in the country with 191 stations that have a lot of leverage so ting they'll have no problem getting on cabling and satellite but cubs fans it is a big change. >> that's a devoted fan base. they love cubs not that you would know. ivelgt no, no i'm not. i'm not. chicago is wonderful -- it is. back to the border wall deal -- conservatives oh they are not happy with. if they don't want the president to sign it. roll tape. i'm disappointed in congress once again we failed to do what we promised american people to do is appropriate an amount of noun to secure our southern border. we've kicked can down the road. apart from the money, to build
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the wall, are you happy with the funding of use and detention beds? >> no. okay. >> what's wrong -- >> look, i want to see the language look i've dealt with appropriate tores last ten years in d.c. and they're good at playing games. >> all right joining us now herman cain with the america fighting backpack. herman, the president we've reportedly will sign it. you okay with that? >> i don't know i'm okay with it but the way washington works you don't always get what you want. what a lot of people need to realize stuart is more complicated than signing a or not signing. that probably other discussions that are going on. there are probably some things that we don't know about about so president decides to sign it, he probably has some other reasons such as -- that could be other pocket where
9:18 am
is with he could pull a money from in order to finish the wall. >> i think you're exactly right herman i think if he signs it he sign it is okay but he gets money he needs from elsewhere. maybe use aring executive authority i think you're right. i think that's how it will work out but i can't confirm that at this point separately herman. would you listen please to starbucks founder howard schultz when he's talking about taxing the rich. roll tape. >> i should be paying more taxes and people who make this kind of revenue of means should pay more taxes. >> herman tax for the rich have at the it. [laughter] pay more in taxes send a treasury a check and don't drag anybody else along with him simply because they succeeded i think this is an outrage arous proposal and basically trying to play class warfare by saying i should pay more in taxes.
9:19 am
warren buffett said same thing years ago and i said to warren buffett write him a check but don't punish everybody else a lot of people have to work hard to work their way up the economic ladder howard you do what you want to do, but leave other people alone. >> i've got a dollar that say, within next two or three years some tax will go up whether it is state tax, corporate, social security tax or state tax, i don't care what it is, my dollar says, one of those tax rates goes up. you say what? >> i say this is one of those emphasis where we don't agree. and here's why . i happen to believe that the president will get reelected republican will retake the house of representatives to maintain control of the senate and that would be no additional tax increases. that's any prediction stuart. going forward. >> february the 13th, 2019 herman cain on tape.
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>> write it down. write it down. videotape -- you know what i mean? herman you're all right see you again soon. thank you, sir. thanks so much stuart. check back futures market please where are we going in 11 minutes 90 points up for the dow 31 for nasdaq. well the hits keep coming for the green new deal. from the right, mitch mcconnell from the left gavin newsom we're on it and we'll explain that. what do you look for when you trade? i want free access to research. yep, td ameritrade's got that. free access to every platform. yeah, that too. i don't want any trade minimums. yeah, i totally agree, they don't have any of those. i want to know what i'm paying upfront. yes, absolutely. do you just say yes to everything? hm. well i say no to kale. mm. yeah, they say if you blanch it it's better, but that seems like a lot of work.
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let's deal with the green new deal. mitch mcconnell roll that tape. >> i have noted with great interest the green new deal and we're going to be voting on that in the senate and give everybody an opportunity to go on record, and see how they feel about the green new deal. [laughter] >> expression on his face there. almost a smile. what do you say liz is that a good strategy? >> it is utterly brilliant all people running for office and progressives are throwing their name behind this saying either they haven't read it or they think people are not going to take it seriously either way it is time for people to go on the record are and say yes i support this idiotic program that
9:25 am
completely overhaul as and overturns our way of life in america. it is absurd, and a you know, senator markey this senate person behind it, is tweeting about how this is forcing a vote. mcconnell is allowing a vote he's allowing people to go on the record as well he should. [laughter] >> that was good. ty like the expression mcconnell face anything else? >> rarely does he have stifle inner laughter but clearly he would. greenest pet project in california, the bullet train, been canceled gavin newsom new governor says look it takes too long to build and too expensive but what does that do for green new deal with criss-crossing country? >> maybe a little bit of cold water because honestly that has been underway for ten years they tended up making it shorter now it goes between two agricultural towns at a price that is twice what it cost to fly that distance it is a ridiculous project and this is a heads up to aoc all of the people behind
9:26 am
the the green deal it is ridiculous. >> neatly encaptured well done. couldn't do it better. liz peek thank you very much. check that market yes we're going up at the opening bell again, big gain yesterday. solid gain this morning, looks good to me. back with the market in a moment.
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plefnght smiles around that set this morning because it look like we're going up again at the opening bell literally 7 seconds time. huge gain yesterday, another solid gain in store for us right now. it is 9:30 eastern time here we go up that was yesterday 372 this morning we're up another 64. you know we're getting real close to 25,500. look at that we're up 69 points. 84 points. 25,500 that's where we are. 83, 82 we'll take it that's one-third of one percent. check out the the s&p 500, where is that, it is up a quarter of one percent. it's rally continues. i want to see the nasdaq because i've got an interested tech stocks look at it go one-third of one percent higher, 7440 to give you a number. jack hao is back shah gilani is back, that you name for elizabeth macdonald evening edit liz. she has a show by that name on
9:31 am
this network. and ashley webster, of course, right there. i get the feeling shah gilani that stock just want to go up. coming from? >> such a hangover from what happened in december. all of a sudden january looks very bright. one of the facts that i really like is there were ten consecutive weeks outlow from fund projects and etf so that money is looking over the market saying wait a minute this continues we're going jump back in so plenty of sideline ammunition to go. >> if we jump back in and continue to rally it will jump back in. market just wants to go up. it does the questions are do you have a job and how do you feel about the value of your hog. the answers are, overwhelm lingly yes i do when i feel pretty good. i've been writing the corporate profits this year are not going to grow anything like last year they might even grow at all people say you're down on the economy no, no, this is data the profits aren't going to grow it doesn't mean stockings aren't going up because alternatives
9:32 am
are still lousy bonds and stocks are still and last year we have tremendous earnings growth and didn't get much and this year could be opposite the stocks go higher. >> to s&p 500 profits so is nearly 18% -- that's fourth quarter i'm talking about -- last year business i'm talking about the the -- >> wait, wait let me give you this number this is astonishing number of openings 7.3 million job openings lower than people seeking job that's astonishing. a big number. >> because expectations have been tapered for this year, if they the corporations beat the market is going to love that. >> look closely we get the china trade deal doing and government not shutdown every other month off we go. the let me raise a potential negative, and that is the debt bomb. we just hit a record 22 trillion dollars worth of national debt. when does this thing explode? >> where's the ten year treasury
9:33 am
yield that tells you everything you need to know about two points that's telling you how worried people are about the debt to say not at all now look we owe 71 actually. so we owe too much that's true, and deficit is too large it is very important that we spend our money on right things we don't want to be borrowing to buy garbage we want to be spending on good things like infrastructure going forward. but i don't see a financial crisis in the the near term we should think about -- you know fiscal responsibility and long-term it is not a mere term. >> market doesn't see a debt bomb explosion now up 125 points. didn't they get whatever they wanted and now they want to raise are taxes? how about selling all of those everyonety federal office buildings is 1.3 trillion. federal land. and money right there. people want to raise are taxes. now i want to see a l stock where is that this morning because they're planning a subscription service for news okay running into resistance from publishers over payment for those of news.
9:34 am
didn't see that but they're going reportedly it launch next month. so -- any comment on an l l news? >> i love idea of subscription service i think they're greedy here supposedly 150% and telling the publishers of all of this information that they're aggregating and selling that no you can take other half and split amongst yourselves and that's going to get a lot of push b.c. on that. >> a idea is brilliant i'm in news business this is a matter of turkeys on my plate so i'm not concerned about apple would have a stronger hand years ago when everyone was concerned about dingal disruption if you look at new subscriptions they're killing the stock is triple, and barron magazine where i work had 27% growth in subscribers last quarter. we're 90-year-old magazine grow like a youngster so news has a little bit of a strojer hangtd going into this discussion. >> 50/50 split to point is jaw dropping. it raise aring whole issue of free stuff, free ad revenue, off of somebody else's overhead cost
9:35 am
that's a facebook did, with facebook bombed out local newspapers which we need to keep track of local politicians are doing. >> somebody else's journalistic ability and you make profit out of somebody else's stuff is. get away with it, great. that's the -- >> some of the ad spends that they get in that there's a different story but a 50/50 cut that's not fair. >> i have to move on to video games seems like every day we have a fortnite story the huge blockbuster video game of the day. today it's story is -- this -- act vision they're cutting 8% of their work force this is the fortnite effect somebody else does. >> a lot to do with fortnite at the game free to play and make money inside the game and taking business from a big game publishers i think they're looking at what's happened in movies. look at a company like dis hawaii where they're killing it at the box office and everything is franchise films. it is a feud at "star wars"
9:36 am
marvel pixar their studio and they're saying waiment wait a second get rid of small games focus on few things that are working right now and -- all of our money there. >> but no free game from act vision saying no to that. future model should surely be -- free game with make them pay for add-on as you get in. that's huge. >> i think it made 2.3 billion add-ons in its games. remarkable. >> i find it hard to get to groups with a sight of that market. not playing video games i'm not there. check the big board, high of the day, there you go up 125, 126 points, 25,550. next case. amazon and general motors, teaming up on electric trucks both stocks highser although above 40 a share groupon fell short that's taken to cleaners that thing is down 13% now. groupon is back to three buckses share. dish it networks lost more subscribers don't do that.
9:37 am
you're down four and a half percent on the stock. >> disgusting. [laughter] oh, wow. >> i don't think you may -- >> you're like uncle at the party let's talk wal-mart shall we jack? they're having trouble with same day delivery. all right jack, eloquent jack what do you have to say? >> i don't have any puns for you. but i think everyone is doing a poor job of grocery delivery to your doorstep customers say they don't really like it what they greatly prefer is called check and collect where they shop at home and then they go to store to pick up groceries to look to see their lettuce here or sending back right now customers prefer that wal-mart is doing good on that. >> it has been this same day for 800 of 5,000 stores add another 800 they'll figure it out. >> tried über and lyft delivery but other partnerships aren't that strong. actually i think this case basically they bowed out of this
9:38 am
agreement to have to work together so must say it wasn't there to make enough money it speaks to amazon mover advantage. >> do you have groceries delivered? >> no. >> do you? >> no. >> you yes for thanksgiving because i don't feel like -- >> no. ash. microsoft, media service is that fair cloud program okay. that's the helping linkedin which sobbed by microsoft. launch their first live video streaming we're book that story. linked n has 600 million users streaming is king. anybody going to take that on? >> smart or for conference, earning product launches it is a smart move. >> stock is up 68 -- you own it. and who owns it? ing sliver. it is. on microsoft part because 600 million they want to reemerge them if they get outside of that e ecosystem microsoft ecosystem that bringses that back in. afnlgt good purchase what they brought that. >> least expensive at the time
9:39 am
but turning out to be a winner netflix put it up on screen new feature that allows you to learn a language through a chrome extension whatever that means. you can watch shows with two subtitles at the same time you've got that what do you got? >> do you want people catching you watching you move your lips while you're watching tv? i think you look a little cooky doing that? >> i don't know i don't understand what? like a cook or move your lip learning language watching tv like a lunatic. >> first of all if you were ambitious enough to learn another language you would not be on netflix binge ling watching back episodes of cheers i don't know who is going to do this. i think it is a brilliant idea there's no harm. i think it is smart and makes a lot of sense a lot of folks who don't want to go out in public to try their aptitude learning in public and they're going to do this at home and enjoy it. >> it's a good idea. >> do you know liz i speak swahili -- [inaudible conversations] >> are you all right?
9:40 am
are you okay? >> microsoft -- i did wait -- stop laughing at me. >> what does it mean? >> hello liz i was a teacher in nairobi for many years. >> i'm all on board. >> i'll teach you. >> who needs netflix? precisely it is 9:40 eastern time shah, good-bye jack but look at this. >> how do you say that? swahili? [inaudible conversations] thank you. nice expression. [laughter] all right thank you. check the big board e we're up 182 point, ladies and gentlemen. okay. now i can't say that in swahili but try during the mecial break. we have subtitles. don't you hear a lot of negative economic headlines all of the warnings you keep getting i don't believe it really.
9:41 am
i don't believe it. i think the economy is doing extremely well. i'm going to talk to the white house about that at 11 eastern this morning i say, they've got a messaging problem. they're letting the on decision opposition rule the roost on the state of the economy plus we have man who employs 300,000 of hackers to weed out bad guy hackers how does he find good guys and prove they are really good guys? checking that out you're going to like this one a former navy pilot battling als seeing relief from his symptoms thanks to new medication made possible by the right to try law. now that's a story for you. we'll be back. this is decision tech. it's screening technology that helps you find a stock
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and our exclusive bubblemassage. everything is installed in as little as a day by a kohler-certified installer. and it's made by kohler- america's leading plumbing brand. we need this bath. yes. yes you do. a kohler walk-in bath provides independence with peace of mind. call... and ask about saving $1000 on a walk-in bath, or visit for more info. >> yes pretty good day so or far i have to say it we're up what
9:44 am
had, 180 points lost 25,600 a gain of almost three yearts of one percent and then it comes on top of yesterday's big gain as well. we're doing well this morning. the drug make not so rosy forecast that stock is taking to cleaners it is down 9% as we speak. and tesla, employeeses concerned about layoffs there. stock is is it down 3 bucks tell me more deirdre at the exchange. >> well, stuart there's a company that did a survey of 8,000 tech workers and tesla wins this let's say unprrnt prize of a gold metal their employee out of tech firm are most afraid of lose they jobs follow closely by e-by and snapchat but as we remember last month tesla cut 7,000 or rather 7% of its work force which equals 2,000 workers and wired magazine did this deep dive into the the company saying elon musk is erratic if you walk by on the wrong day you're gone.
9:45 am
google gets top prize employees have the most comfort and security there. according to the survey, stuart. j got it deirdre thank you very much indeed let's talk about eddy and his plan for sears after the bankruptcy. what's he planning? j chapter 40 so appliances -- and services those appliances he has to execute on price and servicing right now. that's what he's -- there are third of their size, a thirled of their original size, he's basically going to focus on you know, the major appliances that they've sold in the past. we're talking you know, die hard and plan. if we can sell that to make a profit. up against stores but maybe j.c. penney is not in here. evening edit, the web dangerous place these days. data breaches all of the time. our next guest employs and army of 300,000 good guy hacksers to protect us online.
9:46 am
martin is with us. he's the ceo of hack 01 welcome to the program. >> thank you. let me get this right you have 300,000 people working for you. good guy hackers, and you turn them loose on a corporation, or the defense department to find out where chinks and armor are. that's it. >> correct you can fix it before criminals get to it, and how many fixes have you done so far? >> 100,000 so far. >> so wait a second you've discovered vulnerabilities 100,000 of them? >> correct. security vulnerabilities in web applications mobile applications computer systems, and there are millions of them. so we're proud of 100,000 but there are many more to be found. >> so corporation let's say what is it starbucks i think you work with that or general no or tores you work with them they come to you an say hackers if you can, exactly that's how it works. how do you know that all a of these 300,000 good guy hackers are actually good guy hackers?
9:47 am
>> well, we have a very good system when they sign up. we start tracking them we know what they're doing and they advance in the rank ares only based on good deeds. so that's why we know how good they are. but you could also take a philosophical approach saying bad guys are already hacking you we can't bring you anything worse than what you are -- experiencing today with your computer systems. >> now, how do you get paid? do you charge them a fee or does general motors pay you when you poingd a vulnerability? >> it is pay for result there's no pay unless we find something. >> and we always find something. it tooks us eight minutes to break into the u.s. air force. we found 200 ways in. tell me more about this. and finders are 17-year-old hackers, they are students, the the youngest are 14, it is the young generation. they understand this they figure
9:48 am
it out they'll save the world. us old people may not necessarily save the world they will. >> that up plies software being used by some very large organizations is not very good. >> i think we've learned the mankind that humans not produce perfect product ever. >> okay. >> going public -- you're private now. >> we're private are company growing very rapidly have a dream to go public, of course, available to everybody -- >> san francisco based? >> san francisco based origin in holland operate all over the world we serve singapore minister of defense u.k., and european commission, customers like that. >> okay. so when do you go public? >> that is into the future. i have no -- not allowed to suggest growing so rapidly. you want to concern out quickly? >> no. we want to give everybody the opportunity to participate. [laughter] okay. >> martin you're all right.
9:49 am
now great company. very interesting, thank you very much, sir much oblige to you. okay. now this, wait for it. wait for it. uh-huh friend of this program or did he cause a fire storm after he set on fox and friends over weekend that he washed his hands in ten years? well, we've got a hand sanitizer got a little clorox and wipes on set and i will shake his hand in next hour. first, though, woman behind a cupcake empire expects to sell a million cupcakes tomorrow alone because it is valentine's day with a great story. she's going to join us, next. ♪
9:50 am
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9:53 am
small business success story for you we love these kind of things. our next guest is sold what, 100 million cupcakes since she's started in business about ten years ago. she expect to sell close to another million tomorrow because it is valentine's day look who is here melissa ben, this is the the lady behind the company you know -- it has bait by melissa. congratulations. >> thank you. tell me how you got started. j well in june of 2008 i was working as a assistant media planning in media i wasn't good
9:54 am
or passionate about work i was doing but i lied cupcake i was begging them for everyone and everyone. >> i invented the tie-dye cupcakes been in business over tenner years. that's a success story that is terrific. hold on a second of course you brought some samples with you. which i won't eat on the set but we can look at them. they're just a bite everything is around 50 calorie you can get them at a website. >> let's see this. this is i'll call this a six pack of miniature cupcakes they're very small. so you can try them all. come on. at one time. >> come on everything is hand crafted in a variety of flavors. those are stuff ice topped by hand and a i'm going to bakery right after this to help everybody. >> by hand to sell a a million of them tomorrow. >> hand made you come to our bakery it is a labor of love
9:55 am
everything is there for a reason because it is part of the flavor experience. >> what kind of staff you got how many people? >> we've got about 250 employees corporate retail and in the bakery. >> how much for this six pack of cupcakes? >> that six pack of cupcakes in this beautiful gift box is 995 for valentine's day and you're selling out of them so you better get them. >> that is pretty good. that really is. but wait a minute you operate in new york city. >> yes. >> well new york city rent are or astronomical people make serious money. how do you get over that high wage cost and high rental cost? >> well we have a very small footprint in retail locations. >> what does that mean? >> we can operate out of 400 square feet out of a shoe box. >> we do baking in one big bakery that allows everything to be the highest quality and superfresh and we focus on e con bids we have our biggest day in company history on monday. ever -- on e-commerce and then we have our second biggest day
9:56 am
e-commerce yesterday, in ten years it is freaking amazing. [laughter] >> no wonder you're happy. so now i have to leave you. but look, congratulations a terrific company. great performance. >> thank you. leave that stuff here. [laughter] i'm regifting to stuart varney. [laughter] melissa, thank you very much. we appreciate it. we do. thank you. next case, mitch mcconnell he's going to force a vote on this green new deal. i think that's a brilliant move my take on that, top of the next hour. i'm worried about my parents' retirement. don't worry. voya helps them to and through retirement... dealing with today's expenses... while helping plan, invest and protect for the future. so they'll be okay? i think they'll be fine. voya. helping you to and through retirement.
9:57 am
. .
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10:00 am
brian: there is. >> there is good news about the ludicrous green deal. we'll find out who supports it. mitch mcconnell will call a vote. that means yes or no on radical environmental socialism. which democrats will stand up and say yes to that? who will vote for high speed trains to replace airlines in 10 years. california canceled the bullet train boondoggle because it was too expensive and taking too long to build. who will vote for thousands of square miles of wind and solar farms. that is what it takes. area the size of california if you want to replace oil, gas and coal with renewable.
10:01 am
you can get a permit for that? they couldn't build windmills off the coast of massachusetts, the home of senator markey, the green new deal's sponsor. who will pay to green all buildings in america? i want to know which politician will send a government inspector to my house to tell me what i have to do to meet new green deal standards? which economic genius will say yes to printing of trillions of dollars to pay for it all? this will be embarrassing for the democrats, especially senators harris, booker, warren, klobuchar. they are declared presidential candidates. they have all cosponsored the green new deal. will they run for the presidency with this nonsense in their campaign platform? have at it. we really want to know. there is a quiet winner here. that is mitch mcconnell. he is already remade the judiciary, so it follows the constitution. now he is going to force his colleagues in the senate, to
10:02 am
stand up and be counted on the green new deal. good. don't we want to know who is for radical environmental socialism and who is not? the second hour of "varney & company" is about to begin stuart: not quite the high of the day. facebook at 116. alphabet is up. microsoft at 107. all right. want to go back to my editorial, otherwise known as a rant about mitch mcconnell bringing the new green deal to a vote of the last night in an interview with bret baier, democrat presidential candidate amy klobuchar seemed to back
10:03 am
away from the plan. roll tape. >> i see it as aspirational. i see it as a jump-start. i would vote yes. if it got down to nitty-gritty of legislation as opposed to goals we have, that would be different. stuart: bring on in please, charles hurt, fox news contributor. could the whole green new deal be withdrawn? i think that is a possibility, because which democrats wants to go on the record with this nonsense? >> i really have a hard time understanding how you can cosponsor legislation and then when, when lucy pulls the football out and puts it on the floor and let's you go vote for it, i don't know how you cannot then vote for it. that opens up another delightful can of worms as we get into the general election. because, you can think of the ads that can be cut directed at
10:04 am
individual states or individual people about, this is what kamala harris wants to do so you and your state or your pocketbook. it is just, it is the gift that keeps on giving. but i really don't understand how, i just don't understand how you can possibly put forth, i think it is more embarrassing to put forth a piece of legislation, cosponsor a piece of legislation, vote against it, means you don't have your faith in your own abilities to legislate, why would we elect you president. stuart: would you agree with me that mitch mcconnell is the quiet winner here? did you see the smirk, smile on his face as he proposed a vote? >> absolutely. this guy has been around for a long time. he knows how the senate works. he is a very smart tactician. a lot of conservatives in particular get frustrated with him because of the senate rules, because of the way congress works and the arcane way that
10:05 am
the senate works but he is a guy always pointed in the right direction and he knows the levers than anybody else. and obviously we saw that, we've sign that with the tremendous victories that conservatives, conservatives have enjoyed with the judiciary as you pointed out in your monologue. stuart: charles, stay there please. you're politics. i have to deal with a little money on the side. >> pay the bills. stuart: we do. our next guest has brought with him, what he thinks will be big surprises that affect the market this year. michael o'keefe is back. he is chief investment officer at stifel. this man is a big hitter on wall street, ladies and gentlemen. first off, i read your stuff. this is a surprise, you think there will be return to bipartisan agreement in congress this year. >> this year. stuart: tell me more. >> border security, we'll have a mini version of that hopefully
10:06 am
over the next couple days. we're in election season coming up. people need wins, i think joint wins. drug prices, ultimately i think there will be constructive collaboration on that. maybe a limited plan on infrastructure. another target this year i think will be regulation of tech companies around protecting date at that. stuart: i'm surprised you can say the democrats will come together, because the democrats don't want to give any legislative win at all for this president. it is an uphill struggle to get them to agree on anything. >> it comes down to the end of the day, what is the rationale for specific need? for example, drug prices are too high. everybody wants to get to that before the election. stuart: you think this is agreement will be good for the market. >> absolutely. stuart: i read your stuff. >> i love it. stuart: you said there will be a
10:07 am
return to growth, global growth this year. >> yes. stuart: that's a big deal. >> synchronized growth. we think of it the u.s. having to lead but our outlook this year is really around resolution. we'll see recent you solution of brexit at some u.s.-china trade deal and bipartisanship that relieves sort of nervousness in the market, we see growth economically and markets. stuart: can you tell us where you think the market will go, if we get compromise and new growth you're talking about? >> whoo is interesting. we're in kind of a pickle. we just hit our 2019 targets. stuart: all right? >> already. stuart: so you're in a pickle. >> the market has seen some relief. there is optimism around these issues and our view from here is up so we'll see some volatility. stuart: got it. michael, that was very interesting. we appreciate it. thank you very much. >> thank you. stuart: let's get back to
10:08 am
politics, our bread and butter. president trump reportedly signing the border bill. a lot of republicans are not happy with that what would you say, i don't know your politics, charles, but what would you say if the president sign this is bill? >> i think the president has no choice but to sign this. obviously there are a lot of people who are very, very frustrated with some republicans but especially democrats in congress. they do not want to do anything to fix the problem in the border. we've seen that over the past 30 years. these legislators will do anything but fix this problem. the fact that president trump got something for the wall is a tremendous victory for him, especially given the fact that democrats now control the house. the other issue is this, this issue of detention beds. a week ago we were hearing from democrats that they were talking about reducing the number of detention beds. that's the whole game. you reduce detention facilities for illegals crossing, you have
10:09 am
basically abolished i.c.e. it is equivalent to that. the fact that they have are now talking about increasing the number, that is a massive victory for president trump. i would take it, if i were him. i would take the money. i would run. if, then i would do everything i can within my power to finally secure the border. if he needs to declare an emergency down the road, fine, do that but take what he has got. then of course he can still, he can still run against the fact so many democrats and sadly even some republicans, remain opposed to doing something on the border that significantly stops the flow of illegals across the border. stuart: charles, thank you very much indeed. as always, thank you very much for joining us. see you soon. >> yep. stuart: let's get back to the big board, we were up close to 200. that is the high of the day. now we're up 130. that is a half percentage point higher.
10:10 am
25,500 is what we've reached. groupon, lower customer traffic, down 13%. they made money not enough to impress analysts. it is down 6%. how about dish network, they lost 334,000 subscribers just in the last quarter. revenue came down 5% just in the last quarter. the stock is taking it on the chin, down 4%. president trump just tweeting this. "gallup poll" just announced that 69% of our great citizens expect their finances to improve next year. that is a 16-year high. nice. we're talking about that with kevin hassett, chairman of the council economic advisors at the top of our next hour. interesting. activision blizzard, laying off 800 employees. 8% the workforce. they're struggling with changes how people buy and play video
10:11 am
games. they're feeling heat from "fortnite," the blockbuster. activision up 7%. we have an extraordinary story for you and a good one. it is about the right to try legislation. a former navy pilot diagnosed with als, he got a chance to try a new experimental treatment. now he has got a much better quality of life. we'll bring you his story later this hour. meanwhile senator ted cruz, he has a plan to pay for building the wall. use the money we seize from drug kingpins like "el chapo," to secure the border. interesting idea. here we go again. "fox & friends" pete hegseth made big headlines when he told the world he hasn't washed his hands in a decade. was he joking? i will ask him point-blank, actually from a distance. ♪ can we talk?
10:12 am
10:13 am
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stuart: ladies and gentlemen, we're up half a percentage point. that translates to 135 points to up upside for the dow. recall of f-150 pickup trucks. there is issue with the transmission. it is the best-selling vehicle. and it has been that way for decades.
10:16 am
our next guest is familiar face. he had internet buzzing when he talks about how often he washes his hands. roll tape. >> as i told you my 2019 resolution say things on air that i say off air. i don't think i have washed my hand for 10 years. really i don't think i wash my hands. i inoculate myself. germs are not a real thing. i can't see them, therefore they're not real. stuart: i now have clorox wipes. it is for me. [laughter] let's get serious. you were obviously joking? >> sure. stuart: you were joking. >> if you wanted not wash my hands, i couldn't do it. stuart: why do i do it? >> why do i not wash my hands. stuart: why did you make the joke? >> because we have a fun morning show. i picked up a piece of pizza
10:17 am
from day before. my wonderful cohorts said i will eat anything pretty much anything off the floor. i am not scared of germs. i picked up pizza. i can't really remember the last time i washed my hands. i think my wash my hands by default when i showered, 30 minutes from ago from the gym. society forces you. stuart: you have to be amazed at pickup. >> it was unbelievable. stuart: all over the word they are after you. >> inner it net takes things, there is no sense of humor. i will say, kid, wash your hands. if you don't you might catch a case of liberalism. stuart: oh. that was good. that was good. liz: didn't federal agencies warn you about it. federal agencies tweeting at me. don't listen to pete hegseth, germs are really real. i'm surprised they haven't talked to my high school biology teacher whether he taught me
10:18 am
about organisms. stuart: senator ted cruz says why don't we use money, we get from drug kingpins, put out money. use some of that money to build the wall? sounds like a great idea to me? >> i love it. stuart: they haven't got the 14 billion. they're looking for it. >> yes. stuart: if they get any of it what is wrong putting it toward the wall. >> put the bill forward, make democrats vote for it. who would not vote for that. stuart: you saw my editorial on the green new deal. >> of course. i'm a student of stu varney. there are so many common sense ways. i love what mitch mcconnell is doing with the green deal. do same thing with something like this. mexico would be paying for it by the way. stuart: they would. >> i don't like the deal the president is cutting right now. 1.3 billion is not a win. he should take the money, declare an emergency at the same time. stuart: take the money, sign the deal and then get more money from elsewhere to top it up to the 5 billion that he want the or 20 billion that he wants.
10:19 am
what is wrong with that? >> any way you get there. it matters it is constitutional. he has the ability to declare an emergency. there are other places other other statutes. stuart: yes. >> i believe this president when he says the wall will get built. stuart: i think it's a win. >> frustrating to see congress, typical garbage type of bill. the left says they're getting rid of i.c.e. detention beds. president says he got some money for the wall when nancy said she would give none. i know he doesn't like it. he might sign it. unfortunately the way the washington works. stuart: shake your hand. we're all set. >> don't blame me. stuart: come back soon, hegseth. we love you. howard schultz, former starbucks chief turned possible 2020 presidential candidate, well he doesn't like the green new deal. he calls it immoral, we'll hear him say it after this. ♪
10:20 am
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stuart: nice gain, up 150 points for the dow. got it. interesting story, ceos of apple, walmart, ibm and home depot, they will all join the white house advisory board on workforce policy. that board, looks at things like automation and artificial intelligence are changing the work place. some top of the line ceos will be on board with that. we've got howard schultz, he is considering a run for the presidency. he is slamming the green new deal. kristina partsinevelos is with us to tell us what mr. schultz is saying. >> he was at the cmn town hall
10:24 am
yesterday, and he spoke, said if the numbers don't tally up he may not run but i did go after alexandria ocasio-cortez and two of her policies. the first policy has to do with a 70% marginal tax rate, on those that make 10 million or more. he says that doesn't work. he does say millionaires, billionaires should be taxed more, then asked what they should be taxed at, i don't know the number. the second major thing you just brought up, the green new deal, he went on to say that he doesn't support the deal, doesn't think it is feasible. listen to what he had to say at the town hall. >> i don't understand how you will give a job to everybody, how you will give to free college for everybody, how you are going to create clean energy in the every building in the land. it is immoral we can tally up, 20, 30, $40 trillion of debt to solve a problem that could be solved in a different way. >> we know the green new deal
10:25 am
proposed changing structure. he said that will be too costly. he went on pretty much to nitpick certain angles of it. he said he is gravely concerned by climate change should he be president. he would make that a top priority. we talked about it before. there are a lot of people, candidates, democratic candidates that support the deal, even though there are no details how they will fund it. we know, in frequently asked questions section says the federal reserve can extend credit or government -- liz: money printing. stuart: it is nonsense. >> we have howard schultz, a wealthy man, brought up the starbucks stock, he was part of starbucks, the company is doing well after he is gone however he didn't propose any solutions. so obviously alexandria ocasio-cortez -- stuart: his analysis is right. liz: she responded saying only a dozen of 47 democratic senators caucus with the support it. watch the mitch mcconnell vote. put it on the record. that is going to be key. >> she responds, bring up the
10:26 am
tweet, she did respond to this, there you go, reminder their plan equals no plan. stuart: okay. >> why? because for billionaires, things are already going fine. stuart: got it. kristina, thank you very much indeed. i got a big, big number for you, it is the national debt. it topped $22 trillion, with a t that is. new record high. should investors be concerned. it's a question we will ask. we'll get an answer. electronic arts out with new game, giving "fortnite." the new game is "apex legends." battle royale style game. been out a week. has 25 million players. that is a big number too. more "varney" after this. ♪
10:27 am
10:28 am
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10:30 am
♪ liz: i'm a beatles for seer. stuart: i have got nothing to say about that whatsoever. liz: for once you're speechless. stuart: check the big board. solid, solid gain, folks. we're up 158 points now. big gain yesterday. big gain today. we're going up on this market. 25,500 is where we are. 10:30 eastern time on a wednesday morning. what we're getting for you the latest numbers how much oil we've got in storage.
10:31 am
ashley: build of more than expected. prices were up again another buck today. now slipping down on this news. saudi arabia has been saying yes we'll continue our cuts because of a glut of oil. this is example after glut of oil. 3.6 million perils in storage. stuart: extra. ashley: extra. a lot more than expected. stuart: oil right now, $54 a barrel. want to get back to the story on the national debt, which has hit a new record high. that is on your screens. $22 trillion. luke tilly is with us. wilmington trust chief economist. all right, luke, we keep hearing about a debt bomb. this thing will explode ad some point. should we be worried? >> we should be worried, not because it will explode at some point, because we're on a path to go up. this is present tense problem, crossing at 22 trillion. puts us north of 100% of gdp.
10:32 am
often you hear economists such as me, talk about in terms of a little bit of a different measure. we don't look at intergovernmental holdings. that is 16 trillion, if you exclude intergovernmental holdings. no matter which one of those measures you look at it is upward trajectory. that is of concern for long-term economic growth and also for investors. when i think of a debt bomb. people unwilling to lend money. interest rates rise sharply. we have rapid downward spiral. when do we get to that point? >> that is really the key important question. one basically nobody can answer. we don't know when the trigger point is going to be. where investors no longer trust that the u.s. able to pay back its bills. one thing i don't know is, that we don't, it is that we don't
10:33 am
know when that tricker is going to be. other thing i know, we don't want to find out. it is not a matter of fixing the, fixing the debt today. it is not a matter after balanced budget bill or anything like that. but a sensible solution would be some sort of a deal that pushes trajectory downwards. if the government and congress can come together, put together, some sort of solution that just pushes down on the trajectory of debt-to-gdp, that would be comforting for investors help to avoid a trigger. stuart: see if you're worried about china trade, a deal. south china morning post, hong kong newspaper saying today, that xi xinping will meet our top trade guys in beijing this week. that sounds positive to me. you think we're going to get a trade deal? >> our baseline expectation, would be some kind of a trade deal. that is certainly a good sign the president wants to join the trade negotiations as well as some of the signals we herd from
10:34 am
the white house. we're expecting worldwide growth this year to remain fairly solid, our u.s. expectation, it is for 2.5% growth but if these negotiations were to go badly we would revise down the growth estimates. that would hit markets too. we think it is in both country's interests to come to some kind of a deal. that is what happens over next several months. that means won't be bumps along the way. stuart: doesn't matter what kind of a deal they get. doesn't have to be profound, far-reaching solve all of the problems. it has to be a deal of some sort. a handshake, a smile, meeting. i think that at that point the market goes up. are you with me on that? >> yes, in the short term this is progress towards a deal. major issues on intellectual property and forced technology transfer they need to work out, those are long term things, ongoing negotiations. to your point any sign we're moving toward solutions like that, without those tariffs coming in, good for the economy,
10:35 am
good for business confidence, good for markets. stuart: luke tilly, thanks for joining us sir. see you soon. i want to get to a gaming story. it is something we've been following, it's a gigantic new industry. activision blizzard is laying off nearly 800 people. they're a video game company. they're struggling with changes for the industry. bring in captain rob steinberg, "gamer world news" host. this activision blizzard, laying people off, is this because of the incredibly powerful "fortnite" game? >> i wouldn't say that it is exactly because of "fortnite" but i think that games like "fortnite" are having a little bit of an effect on blizzard at this point. blizzard laid off roughly 8% workforce. community managers, people working customer service, things like that. blizzard's official message they want to focus on their marquee franchise, "overwatch," diablo.
10:36 am
sounds like success of online games of "fortnite" making a pivot in their strategy. unfortunately that happens in historic high year when ever it comes to revenue. blizzard made $1.8 billion in revenue, compared in 2017 compared to 217 million. this caught a lot of employees by surprise. stuart: we're looking at competitor to "fortnite." electronic arts game, apex legend may be the competition "fortnite" needs. 25 million players in just the first week? is this the competition for "fortnite," this apex legends. >> i would say apex ledges is almost a virus not a game. to put that into perspective, two weeks after "fortnite"'s
10:37 am
battle royale mode was launched they had 7 million players. in one week apex legends amassed 25 million players to play the game. not only that look at streaming influencers, ninja, shroud, everyone is sort of gravitating towards this brand new game. stuart: if i were creating a new game, i wanted it to be a wild success, i would make it free to play, and then charge people for add-ons once they're into the game. that is a pretty good business model, isn't it? is that a model for the future for these games? >> it certainly seems that way. and, you know, with you saying that, with the public seeing success in that way, that could very well be -- stuart: come on, rob. i don't have that kind of influence on videogames. forget it son. >> [laughter]. i would say. stuart: that is the model of the future? >> i would say companies like blizzard are looking at the biz
10:38 am
model, perhaps they need to clear up cap space, they need to clear up space inside of the company to bring in more developers, perhaps make a strategic shift in that direct. stuart: captain rob, you're all right, especially when you flatter me. thank you very much. >> thanks, fellows. stuart: check the big board. we're heading back up again. another gaining of ground. 25,600 on the dow. we're up 181. that look at this, big tech doing very well. facebook back to 165. amazon 1650. apple at 171. alphabet's up, microsoft reached 107. here is a story for you. intriguing, the airline lufthansa is suing a passenger who intentionally missed his flight. ash. ashley: called hidden city ticketing. for example if you fly from new york, and trying to get to san francisco, you can buy a cheap every flight by going, getting a ticket from new york to lake tahoe, for instance,
10:39 am
with a layover in san francisco. because of the layover, the ticket is cheaper. what you do, get on the plane. get off in san francisco, never take the last leg to lake at that you hoe. you get this cheaper. happened in germany. he was getting back to oslo. he got out at frank further. didn't want to go to oslo. they're upset, we reserved that seat for you. they have taken him to court. they lost in court by the way in berlin. berlin kicked it out no. they are appealing. this is apparently, i guess a fairly clever way of getting a cheaper way to get to cities. stuart: i'm on the passenger's side. ashley: let me say, when i get on my rant about airlines, they double sell seats themselves. it happened to me. this is turn around, fair play. liz: so weird. like big brother airlines too, right? big brother airlines of the they will tell you what to do. stuart: take me to court because i missed a flight? get out of here. ashley: good luck. stuart: next case. look at him.
10:40 am
that is king, a 7-year-old wire fox terrier from brazil. he took the top spot at the westminster kennel club dog show. king will be on the set live with us next hour. ashley: does he speak portuguese? stuart: we'll check. maybe he speaks swahili. mitch mcconnell will force the senate to vote on the green new deal. we'll get transparency who actually support this is monstrosity. we'll be back. liz: they have to pass it before they know what's in it. ♪ i don't know what's going on. i've done all sorts of research, read earnings reports, looked at chart patterns. i've even built my own historic trading model. and you're still not sure if you want to make the trade? exactly. sounds like a case of analysis paralysis. is there a cure? td ameritrade's trade desk. they can help gut check your strategies
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and answer all your toughest questions. sounds perfect. see, your stress level was here and i got you down to here, i've done my job. call for a strategy gut check with td ameritrade. ♪
10:42 am
♪ ashley: latest budget bill pledges more than one billion dollars for the border wall. not as much as it wanted but texas congressman roger williams says it shows the president's strategy is working. take a listen. >> i think the big thing for me, i want to make sure what i vote for, when i vote for it, i'm voting for border security not to open the government. there are two separate things there. i want to see what is in it. i want it to work, nobody want as government shut down. we've seen president trump take speaker pelosi from a dollar for a wall, to 1.3 billion, almost 1.4 billion. i don't think they like the fact he was asking for much larger
10:43 am
figure. i realize and know the base knows he dealt in good faith, he has tried to make a deal, so forth. i think the base will be fine with what we come up with. ♪
10:44 am
stuart: fox news john roberts is reporting there is no decision
10:45 am
to sign the legislation and there will not be a decision until after the president goes through it with a fine-tooth comb. the white house has not yet seen the actual legislation. fox news is told there are a lot of things in the bill that the president does not like. the possibility of a national emergency is still on the table though. no decision has been made on that front either. as for the bill itself, house majority leader steny hoyer says he expects the funding deal to pass the house tomorrow night. interesting stuff. next one. senator mitch mcconnell says the senate will vote on this green new deal. he wants to get the democrats on the record. democrat senator ed markey, who introduced the deal with aoc tweeted this. don't let mitch mcconnell fool you. this is nothing but an attempt to sabotage the movement we're building. he wants to silence your voice, so republicans don't have to explain why they are climate change deneiers.
10:46 am
mcconnell wants this to be the end. this just the beginning. look who is here. martha maccallum, host of "the story" on fox news channel. what do you make of this. >> no one understands politics on capitol hill as mitch mcconnell. he has done it before, when president obama was in office with a single-payer bill that went down 0-57 in the senate. it's a statement. but it is also the way our politics work. you elect representatives. they go to washington to represent you. if you don't feel that the people that you represent your constituents will be in favor of what is being proposed here. this is resolution, not a bill yet. this has to go a little further before this could even happen -- stuart: but you can vote on a resolution. you can vote on the resolution. what mitch mcconnell wants to do is embarass those democrats who are in favor of this. >> you have already got a number of people in the senate who have been cosigners on this bill, who are running for president, cam
10:47 am
kamala harris, cory booker among them. if you believe it you should be able to vote for it. stuart: i can't imagine running for the presidency, staking out your campaign, saying you're in favor of the green new deal because it is economic catastrophe for the united states. maybe i'm going a little bit overboard here? >> i think if it were implemented in its fullness, obviously would be a economic catastrophe for the country. i think cory booker way he spoke about it the other day, sees it as a mission to put a man on the moon essentially. marker, big picture idea. stuart: world war iii? >> i think it is interesting idea. individuals can become greener by choice, right? they make choices in their lives. they will drive an electric car. they will not use plastic straws anymore. the country has in a natural way, evolved more towards things that are more environmentally sound. i don't think anyone is against things that are environmentally sound. what we're against a lot of thing the idea government will
10:48 am
take over a lot of these things, centralize whether or not you have airplanes. whether or not you have cows. whether or not you eat beef. these are not very popular political ideas. stuart: i'm sure you saw the california bullet train has been canceled. >> yeah. that is not the first time we've seen these kinds of high-speed rail trains canceled. we're hearing all over the place. it never happens. it is way too expensive. you can get there faster on an airplane. stuart: what does that do to the new green deal, which relies on high speed trains as opposed to planes? >> there is immaturity in some of these ideas. i don't say that, i just think, if they're not fully evolved and fully thought through, but look, alexandria ocasio-cortez has gotten a lot of people talking in this country and she has democrat presidential candidates who are backing her resolution. so she is doing something politically right as well. and it guying to be fascinating to watch if mitch mcconnell can pull off this vote. stuart: i think it is an embarassment for democrats.
10:49 am
i'm an opinion show. you are news. >> that is absolutely what he is trying to push for them, mo doubt. stuart: martha, as always we'll be watching tonight, guaranteed. >> good to see you. stuart: we have an inspirational story for you. a navy veteran suffering from als, tries an experimental new drug, his quality of life improves dramatically, all things to that legislation known as right to try. right to try experimental treatment. president trump signed it. the full story for you, coming up. ♪ i wanted more from my copd medicine... ...that's why i've got the power of 1-2-3 medicines with trelegy. the only fda-approved 3-in-1 copd treatment. ♪ trelegy. the power of 1-2-3 ♪ trelegy 1-2-3 trelegy
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stuart: johnson & johnson is a dow component and it plans to buy a surgical robotics make you are auris, for $3.4 billion. johnson & johnson says auris has technology that can help with lung cancer treatment. the stock is up. a former navy pilot with als, lou gehrig's disease, he is seeing improvement to an experimental treatment which he was allowed to take because of that right to try legislation
10:54 am
signed by president trump last year. come on in, christina sandefur, with the goldwater institute who has the full story for us. christina, take me through this. start at the beginning and take me through. >> yeah. so about four years ago we came up with the idea at the goldwater institute for the right to try. right to try really protects one of the most precious rights of all, the right to try to save your own life. here in america we really don't have that right. the fda process takes about 15 years for potentially life-saving drugs to make it to market. and dying patients don't have the time to wait. before right to try you had very few options. could you try to get into clinical trial. only 3% of the sickest patients make it into the clinical trials. or you could beg the government for an exception to try to save your own life. but doctors have told us the paperwork alone that goes into that is insurmountable. stuart: okay. >> so patients were left without options. stuart: this navy pilot, he has
10:55 am
got als. he is in very bad shape. what treatment did he take? >> so, at the time he had very few options. there was nothing that was government approved that, he could take. and so, what he was able to take through right to try is experimental treatment. it has been through all three phases of the clinical trials. it is in phase three right now. fda clinical trials. it is called murone. it is an experimental cell therapy that allows him to go in a few times, get some treatments, he has seen incredible results. you have probably seen the videos online. he is able to pull himself up from his wheelchair. stuart: has it saved his life? >> you know, it improved his life. he was barely able to talk before. he was barely able to speak. he wanted to be with us today, but he is getting a second round of treatment as he speaks. he has three kids. he is married. fought for our rights in the navy. stuart: we love it. >> the government told him he
10:56 am
had no options. this right to try. stuart: i am sorry i have such a short time. that is a wonderful story. we loved hearing it. christina, come seeing us again. we love it. >> will do. thank you so much. stuart: good stuff. i love it. two years into the trump presidency, the economy in my opinion doing very well, but you would never know that from listening to the democrats and the media. they're painting a picture of hardship and failure. i don't think that jives with reality. my take, my my take, my editorial on mackinac spirit -- on bat next.
10:57 am
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stuart: we're two years into the term presidency, so how are you doing financially? things getting better? food on the table, got a job, promotion? the question, how you're doing is politically very important. if things are going well for you you might be inclined to look kindly in reelecting president trump your doctor all he ran on growing the economy and bringing back prosperity. if you think he is achieving those goals, than the trump growth agenda is working for you. however, the democrats and the media do not want the president reelected so they will paint a picture of abject misery. that's exactly what they're
11:01 am
doing. how many times have you heard about food insecurity always implying kids are going hungry. how many surveys have you seen that they have a bus or a third of us don't have enough money to handle an eight or we don't have any savings or will suffer in retirement. i don't doubt there's financial hardship, but that's not an accurate characterization of our country especially not now. this week we reported that 69% of their personal finances will improve in the next 12 months. people think their prospects are good. we reported a record 7.3 million jobs that are now open and none filled. plenty of jobs out there. wages are rising for the best rate in a decade in your retirement, 55 million americans with 401(k) are no doubt feeling pretty good about the huge gains from the trump stock rally.
11:02 am
i think we're being exploited politically. the left of their colleagues in the media are determined to unseat trump, so they paint a picture of hardship and economic failure. they are wrong. when i went down the street and see help wanted signs almost everywhere, when i see job growth, better wages, resurgence of manufacturing and surveys that they were pretty optimistic about our financial future, when i see all of that, i conclude that we have indeed return to the level of prosperity that president trump promised. got it? the third hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ all right, you heard that. i guess it was another rant. let's bring in kevin hassett, chair of the white house council of economic advisers. i know you're going to agree with me. i know you are. let's get around that for a second.
11:03 am
i think you guys have a messaging problem because the socialists and the media comment democrats are winning. they are painting a picture of misery and i don't think you've gone over that. what you can do about it? >> i'm an economist or maybe not a message guy, but the facts make themselves and it's important to continue to harp on them. there were three facts i would add to either one of holiday rant, but for example one of the things we see in the data right now is that blue-collar workers wages, production and nonsupervisory workers are up about $50 a week in earnings and that's about $2500 a year just for one worker. if you look at wage growth for the bottom 10% of americans come it is right now the highest on record going back to 2000 when they started reporting it. we've never seen wage growth like that. if you look at consumer sentiment for the bottom third
11:04 am
of americans has increased since president trump was elected by 13%. so the fact is -- it's actually 33%. i was looking at the number of my head and i said her team. skyrocketing wages for people at the bottom. if you're at a namespace person who cares about social justice you should be euphoric about our economy is changed and yet you see nobody covering it. it's really quite shocking. stuart: has got to ask for an update on trade. we have a report this morning that she shouldn't pay in, china's leader will meet this weekend with our treasury secretary mr. lighthizer, our top trade guys. that seems to be to a positive. can you give us an update on china trade? what are you going to tell us about it? absolutely i can't comment on negotiations underway, as you're saying there's definitely a lot of positive hope at the cabinet meeting yesterday the president said when asked as march 1st a
11:05 am
hard deadline, he said if we actually see a lot of progress you can imagine letting that slide although is not inclined to. the president clearly at the cabinet meeting was very hopeful about the things he's been briefed about. we just have to wait and see. in the end what we're going to accomplish a something that's going to be better for both countries. stuart: do you think we're going to get a deal? >> i can't comment on that. negotiations are underway into the tv screen into the negotiations. >> i want to ask you about the debt bomb problem with $22 trillion in debt. does the debt bomb explode at some point? and if so when and what happens to it? you've got to be worried about this. >> the president's budget in about a month you'll see that there's a lot of news in the budget with the president has ordered the captain agencies to
11:06 am
take steps to cut government spending and get ahead of the curve on it. we delivered and keep along the track of the 3% growth and problems take care of themselves. if you increase government that you're buying 2.5%, 3% and if you invest in something with a higher rate of return americans are better off. we have the corporate tax cuts and not lead to the blue-collar boom in renaissance were talking about in that's made america better off. if we instead had issued debt to buy a bunch of punkers that president obama did, we might be worse off. clearly we've invested in banks of the higher rate of return and that's why the economy is doing so well. stuart: thank you for joining us. stay on money. check the big word because he got a nice rally going here. about 25,600 now and i was in beijing yesterday as well.
11:07 am
we've gone straight up in the last couple days. i know how it agrees with what is editorializing about the economy. it is experiencing pure economic voice. i didn't quite go that far. if he wants to go that far he can. brian pain of paying capital management president. economic list? it's that good you think? >> which is heard a lot of evidence right there talking about it. wages go up -- go up last year. 90% of americans got a tax cut last year as well, which is definitely good for americans and above that you also look at gdp as a percentage or household debt as a percentage of gdp it is actually the lowest since we had the great recession. american households are probably the best shape they've been in a long time. stuart: does that translate into a stock market that keeps on going because we've had a really wonderful rally this year. >> i haven't noticed.
11:08 am
i think what is happening is bottom-line with got very negative at the end of the year, sold off dramatically, but to the point that it was too negative and now it's better and better the market suggests that things aren't as bad as everyone thought they were, only two months ago kind of crazy. stuart: we had several people on the way to save the world's economic growth rate, global growth will stop picking back up again. but everything -- depends on a china trade deal. is your outlook depend on a china trade deal of some sort? >> i'm going to say i don't think so. we are trading lower than we should be because the trade deal hasn't gotten it done. if we get a trade deal that can really, really have the market, but i don't think it's contingent upon not. that's why markets around the world are trading at lower valuations in the u.s. stuart: you are bullish.
11:09 am
nirvana last week, bliss now. we appreciate you being with us and we'll see you again soon. westminster kennel club dog show crown they wire fox terrier best in show. areas. 70-year-old -- a 7-year-old king came from brazil, took the top prize. you call that an immigrant success? guess what, and the dog is on the show today, actually in our studio. first though, state senate just passed will go be the second largest income tax in that state's history. they are fighting their own tax exodus and that's how you do it. in california, and hitting the brake from the billions -- multi-billion dollars transit the cost too much and takes too long to build. governor newsom also announced a difficult dividend initiative. he wants big tech, lots of big tech in california. he wants them to pay resident
11:10 am
for their success. would you think about that? we will break it all down. this is the third hour of "varney & company." ♪ one-millionth order. millionth order. ♪ there goes our first big order. ♪ 44, 45, 46... how many of these did they order? ooh, that's hot. ♪ you know, we could sell these. nah. ♪ we don't bake. ♪ opportunity. what we deliver by delivering.
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11:13 am
stuart: chicago cubs are getting their own cable channel.
11:14 am
the sinclair just announced they'll team up with the cubs to broadcast their games on a sports channel called marquee sports network. quite a blow to nbc, which currently airs the games set to rollout next year. got it. california's controversial high-speed rail countered by state democrats the years is going to be heavily scaled back according to governor newsom. frankly it's all but dead. a california resident is with us now. this is never going to fly. it was a boondoggle from. i'm surprised it survived so long. stuart: certainly not going to fly. i would be really amazing. the brilliant thing about the timing of this as of this visit comes literally days after the democrat in all of their hopes,
11:15 am
all of their political economic strategy on the great new deal. and of course one of the centerpieces of the great new deal was to replace air travel and also other forms of carbon producing travel with literally high-speed rail. days later the biggest and most high profile high speed rail in the country is killed and takes too long. it's absolutely brilliant. stuart: an amazing coincidence. you've got to tell us about governor newsom's digital dividend. this is some way to make big tech pay for their success. explain it to me. who pays, how much and how do we extract the money from big tech. >> it's very interesting that it's come out with this. he's turning into a bit of a populist it seems because of course there is a lot of anger now, including here in california with big tech for the
11:16 am
amount of money that's accumulating in the hands of a very small number of people while the rest of the state in many ways is crumbling. what he's really talking about, he didn't use the word, but is actually talking about a tax. he is focusing on data, stating that you make all of this money out of our data. we should get something back for it. but really it is a tax. he has just started the conversation, nothing specific air. he is making the argument at the early stage and get along to the details much later. i think i get a lot of support for it. stuart: you mentioned big tech is unpopular in california. i'm surprised to hear that because most of big tech is in california and the pious california with tax revenue. where they so unpopular? >> that's what's so interesting about the new knowledge economy that we hear about all the time.
11:17 am
the actual numbers employed come in the engineer and so on all around me were speaking in silicon valley, they are not that many and most people in california don't work for big tech even though they're all based here. most of them work in other industries. everyone else is just suffering as a result of the concentration of power, particularly when it comes to housing. because of the concentration of tech in a few small locations, house prices have gone through the roof in people literally can't afford to live in places like the bay area and the people with regular jobs or having to commute off in two or three hours to get to work because they can't afford to live near those booming tech centers. stuart: make them pay, why not. you're the host of the next revolution. that the net revolution we need. no, i'm not serious. do watch the next revolution with steve hilton 9:00 sunday night 9:00 eastern time.
11:18 am
steve, thank you very much. the world's most expensive island on the market for $460 million. this is 660 acres in the united arab emirates. it's a collection of four man-made islands in the arabian gulf. there you have it. $460 million. the senate is, investing classic cars and sell the shares that she bought in the car as the car's value increases. of course there is a catch. you can't actually drive the cars are owned and fully. a full explanation is coming your way. you want to buy a share of that. the ♪
11:19 am
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11:22 am
trained to always try to bring you something different and were doing it now. rowley road, a new app and it let you invest in classic cars. as the cars value increase over time, your share of the car
11:23 am
should go where. carry gas to low in new york city. take me through it. how do i buy the shares back car. >> basically what happens is the company finds a classic car, goes down and creates a company and then buys the car themselves share of the company and anybody can buy into it. any retail investor and the window they can trade the shares -- chris bruno is ceo of rowley road. exotic cars like the lamborghini to ford mustang. what kind of cars are you looking for? >> originality is important to us in creating a unique collection where people who have different investments can participate. do something like that which has a lot of potential upside. a lot of blue-chip that has been a staple in many collections for
11:24 am
many, many years now. >> buy what i want to do this instead of buying a car myself. >> review got 635,000 by all means. your traditional investment portfolio beyond not is something that only the very wealthy can do. for the rest of us who want to bring blue-chip premium investment opportunities to our investment community and do it together. by working together we can do that and accomplish a lot of things. >> when you decide to actually sell a car let anybody cash it out. >> we're tracking data in everything we do is data driven. a somewhat happen in the secondary market people can make offers to take over the entire vehicle itself. we'll use the data and see what's happening in the marketplace and ultimately hold the investment to make that determination. strain to you can make a hostile takeover offer. maybe you can drive it although i don't know if you want to.
11:25 am
>> we promised something different and not his different. a very interesting idea. the 2020 democrat presidential candidate desperately trying to attract the youth vote. senator warren, first democrat to announce for 2020 drinking a beer on instagram lies. member that? >> hold on. i'm going to get me a beer. you want a beer? >> i'll pass on beer. stuart: i'm sorry, senator kamala harris said she smoked pot in college. she listened to snoop dogg and to pot. problem come of those artist did not release music until way after she claimed she listened to them. why are democrats so desperate
11:26 am
to appeal to the younger generation and they have to drink social media and make up stories about smoking pot. it's a good story and we'll bring it to you. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell handled agreed new deal proposed by aoc saying he will bring a vote to the floor. we are on that as well next. >> i've noted with great interest the green new deal and were going to be voting on not in the senate. will give everybody an opportunity to go on record and see how they feel about the green new deal. the ♪ ♪
11:27 am
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stuart: i'm afraid we've lost much of the rally. we were up nearly 200. now we are up 90. they still got a majority of the dow 30 and the green. and then we have the 2020 democrat presidential candidates. not only have they pushed the party to the left, they're making an effort to stand out it seems. look at this. senator warren senior drinking a beer on instagram lies. california senator kamala harris
11:31 am
admitted to smoking pot in the past saying we need more of that in the world. so that in a radio interview. don't forget new jersey senator corey booker is a vegan. nothing wrong with that, but he says the world just can't handle people at eating meat. that echoes the green new deal. coming in, allie stuckey, host of the podcast relatable. what are these democrats trying to do here? >> they are trying very hard like you said to stand out instead of just a race for the presidency is a race to the far left. they see someone like alexandria ocasio-cortez, millennial clutching onto the issues that she is advocating for and they say we've got to get on board with this. but not only back, somewhere it's been circulating that says you've got a look head. you've got a look relatable. bring out the beer, the pot, veganism, whatever you can to
11:32 am
attract these young people. i think they should stick to what they know. i think they should be policy driven rather than trying to be so relational. stuart: it didn't work. it looks so staged when warren says give me a beer and sleep there. it just didn't look real. >> no, it doesn't look real at all. elizabeth warren is known as this nerdy brand. she should just embrace that. same with kamala harris. she's made several attempts to behead. as recently as 2015 she oppose legalization of marijuana. rather than say this pot smoking to talk with neighbors in her life, she should say she's evolved on the issues and this is how she's come to the conclusion. but instead she's trying to be down with the kid that looks real word.
11:33 am
stuart: she locked people up for smoking marijuana when she was a position to lock them out. i've got one more for you. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell put in the green new deal for a vote in the senate. i think it's brilliant as he got to find out who supports and who doesn't. you agree with me? >> exactly. the videos i'm announcing he is going to call this to about with his little smirk you know exactly what he's thinking. he says are you really going to hop on board with this? you want to go on the record saying you provide economic security for those unwilling to work. this has not been a popular idea despite wide ocasio-cortez has said in the democratic party even in the senate. and so he's going to hold their feet to the flames and really make an own up to their big talk. stuart: i'm sure you saw this, but for the benefit of our viewers from the bill gates referring to himself in an interview he said, quote, nobody deserves to be this rich.
11:34 am
he says he should have paid more in taxes. what are your thoughts on that? >> you know, if you were trying to be humble in say about a lot of people helped me along the way, some of it does have to do with luck and kind of favor and falling on the right things, i would be okay with god. at the conclusion he draws that he actually needs to pay more impact, and because they don't deserve to have the money they've earned. i am not sure i agree with that just because i'm not sure it makes logical sense. we think ocasio-cortez should be more progressive in her tax policy which is interesting. >> was throw this out. i think i deserve the money i make. at what point does someone say i've got too much? >> and write a check to the internal revenue service. as we've been saying to warren
11:35 am
buffett who complains he doesn't pay enough. you can remedy that. stuart: the morality here. you're trying to make out that someone who makes a lot of money is somehow immoral, somehow wrong. stuart: the assumption is they started out on third race when they fought hard and work hard to get there. the immoralities the government trying to take another nickel after his bullpen wasted so many tens and hundreds of millions of dollars on government waste. stuart: allie come i think you deserve every penny you make. you agree that i'm sure. allie stuckey, thank you for joining us. we do appreciate it. let's have a look at oil. big numbers for you because production in texas last year shattered the old record. the old record was set in 1973, but the state last year produced 1.54 million barrels of oil. that is more any other time.
11:36 am
stuart: in more than what socialist venezuela is now pumping out. one state within venezuela. check the big lord. i regret to say we have lost much of the rally. we were up nearly 200. now we are up 70. that has something to do with whether or not the president is going to sign -- stop the shutdown of the government, the compromise deal on border security. there's some question about whether he does sign it or not when he signed it. he wants to take a look at the legislation before he signs it, find out what's in it. that may have cut the rally a bit short. we are now up 77 points but we still have 25,503. group on, lower customer traffic the site goes down 13%. trip advisor, the travel booking website. not enough to nearly 8%.
11:37 am
dish network lost 334,000 subscribers just in the last quarter. revenue down 5% in the last quarter. the stock is up 8%. it bears repeating the ceos of apple, wal-mart, ibm and home depot are going to join the white house advisory board on workforce policy. the board will look at things like automation artificial intelligence and how that is changing the work place. ceos are working for the white house. i hate to say this, but it's really unfortunate news about the westminster winning dog that was going to appear on this program later on. it is canceled i'm afraid. they just couldn't make it to the studio. they've got a scheduling conflict and afraid to say. we will celebrate king's victory as a democrat accessory because the dog is from brazil.
11:38 am
as we sat in her first hour, came here with just the fur on his back. keep going. i'm sorry to say the dog will not be on the show. we regret to say. new york governor andrew cuomo meeting with the president yesterday. they talked about salt, state and local tax deduction. governor cuomo once the deduction reinstated. the president not vegging. he told mr. cuomo, get out there. cracking is not allowed. arkansas just passed would be the second-largest income tax cut in state history fighting their own tax exodus and doing well. one town that is now america's religious community for the third year in a row. we do this every year. we will tell you the answer in a second.
11:39 am
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quit smoking "slow turkey." talk to your doctor about chantix. stuart: some explanation is required here because when we open the market at 9:30 eastern this morning we went straight up to the tune of 200 points. there was some optimism about
11:41 am
china trade. xi jinping may meet with our top trade guys in beijing later this week. now we are up 60 points. i think this is because of some uncertainty about whether president trump -- trade for the shutdown. i looked at it thoroughly. it appears we are in a good track. we went out because it appears to shut down would be averted and positive news on china to your earlier point. now we think it's a -- not over the line yet. train for the dow was 12 under point shy of its record high. stuart: got it. we'll be back.
11:42 am
11:43 am
stuart: you know, we haven't done a good list on the show for a while. the wealthiest talent in the united states according to bloomberg's richest places. number one on your screen right now. people there made an average of $450,000 a year and that was back in 2017. number two, and scars still just north of manhattan. number three come in cherry hills village, colorado. that's a new one for me. then we have hillsboro again northern california. in northern california right around silicon valley. we reported lately about the tax
11:44 am
exodus is around the country. people moving state to state with lower tax rate. i believe sir you are cutting taxes to keep people in the state. accurate? >> yes -- yes, we are and to attract others to the state. arkansas is an amazing, amazing place to do business. we got the best workers, great corporations you may have heard of. wal-mart, tyson, and jb hunt. but a lot of us recognize the governor, the legislature and of course taxpayers recognize that our income tax rate were too high. too high compared to other states around the country, but too high compared to our neighboring states. so we are in the process but why the governor of getting those
11:45 am
down. stuart: did you notice a tax exodus going out of arkansas crossing the state line to enable taxes? did you see a tax exodus? >> i don't think there was any one event. i just think that for years we have needed to focus on ms. and i applaud the governor and the legislature for tackling that. you know, we have these companies that i've mentioned in many other amazing company is in those, by the way, are organic. we want to continue to attract people here. once people come to arkansas and see its beauty and the quality of life, low cost of living, they see how amazing it is and we want to make the whole package one that is attractive than the income tax rate in corporate tax rates another rates are all things that we are
11:46 am
working on because ultimately it's about tax burden. this is a big deal. stuart: could i persuade you to move to new jersey and run that state for us because new jersey, new york, illinois, california, they have a massive tax exodus underway because they have very, very high taxes. they're not going to do what you're doing. >> well, we have a welcome mat out here. we love people. we want people to take a hard look at arkansas. it's an amazing, amazing place. like i said, whether it's the coding initiative where every high school in the state teachers coding. we are leading the nation on not. and on the tax code and government transformation that we are seeking to change things.
11:47 am
in today's competitive environment, you can't grasp. you have always got to be doing things to attract. i tell people all the time come in a free society you can't make people move somewhere, live somewhere. you've got to attract them. stuart: mr. lieutenant governor, your voice is sorely needed in new jersey, new york, connecticut, california, et cetera, et cetera. >> hopefully as i know they are watching your show. >> lieutenant governor of the the great state of arkansas. appreciate it. stuart: new york's governor, andrew cuomo met with president trump. he says the tax bill, the new tax reform bill is hurting state like his. the president's response, you'll find out what it is. you're going to love it. that's next. ♪
11:48 am
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is that's on top of the marcella shale. they make some serious -- >> the pennsylvania border and see the industry booming in upstate new york people are living literally in dire poverty. stuart: can't even have a pipeline going across new york state to get natural gas to the people and consumers of westchester county. you can't do that. stuart: andrew cuomo has been playing to the far left. he is like aoc. he of course has presidential aspirations. only in his own head, but they are there. stuart: talk to me about amazon's move to new york city. >> it's very unfortunate step into the political snake pit of not what happens. stuart: stepping into a great
11:54 am
deal of opposition. stuart: they didn't know they had chosen the district were voters just throughout mainstream democrat joe foley and replace him with leftist socialist aoc, and alexandria ocasio-cortez. this is a district that is already whining about gentrification. they're opposed to amazon because it's nonunion. a state senator just elected there who's going to make his own name opposing this deal. they've got all the local politics against them. stuart: at the end of the day i think they will move to queens, new york or would you agree with that? >> it's hard to say. they're never going to be wealthy. hard to say. most want the deal, the fact is politicians including new york city council, which is adamantly pro-union is it going to accept it. stuart: of our amazon i would think i don't like him anyway.
11:55 am
the average salary of the 25,000 workers is $150,000 a year. do note that taxes on 150,000 in new york city? >> at the city council forces them to go union come and they'll never offer free shipping again. stuart: what a mess. lieutenant governor of new york, thank you for joining us. >> he's got his head on. stuart: more "varney" after this. coming up. ♪ because my body can still make its own insulin. and i take trulicity once a week to activate my body to release it, like it's supposed to. trulicity is not insulin. it starts acting in my body from the first dose
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stuart: happening now. top executives sprint and t-mobile on capitol hill. they are defending their plan to merge. here is sound bite from it earlier. roll it. >> the goal here is to supercharge and force at&t and verizon to invest more in 5g, to lower prices, broaden services, go deeper into in home broadband. i believe that is, that is possible through this, through this merger. stuart: now we brought you that because we're very interested in 5g. i think it will be a real revolution and that sound bite set up the 5g that will come to
11:59 am
us. liz: internet of things, connected home. all the new gadgets that drive you crazy. ashley: guess what? you have to have a new phone in order to use 5g, which is apparently is the answer to all our props. superfast, wonderful. i guess what we heard from t-mobile there, it doesn't force everyone to get on board with this new technology. but as you pointed out earlier, it will also force us all to get new phones, right, if we want to enjoy 5g? stuart: i guess that is the case. i would like to do a segment on the show at some point in the very near future, how 5g i can invest now, to take advantage of what may be the next thing. liz: u.s. is behind even south korea in broadband. stuart: we are behind south korea. if we unleashed ourselves maybe we could catch up fast. maybe i get a new phone that work as bit better for me. we're almost out of time.
12:00 pm
it has been a great show, ladies and gentlemen. i thank ash and liz. a lot happening today, in politics and money. why don't i turn it over to connell mcshane, who is in noor for neil. a lot to go. >> i don't know if the flip phone works for 5g. we have a lot to an administration official has told fox news that president trump will not make a decision until he has seen the final bill. if you see reports it is done, don't believe them. fox news chad pergram will know before anybody else i have a feeling. he join us from the hill. it isn't done yet, chad. what is the lates


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